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Albert Chubak

Posted on the 2023-07-04 at 06:23
Tim Fisher was a vital member of our Sr Football team. Tim was an amazing kicker on the Sr Football team. In about 1984, during our undefeated season we were about to kick the ball for a 3 point field goal. It was decided Tim was going to sideline the kick. Tim was as good as a quarterback with placing a ball. So he kicked it 11 yards down field alone the sideline into the arms of the kick-off team who ran it for a touchdown. It was just like a quarterback throwing the ball to a receiver. Difference was he used his foot to pass the perfectly played ball. That touchdown was truly an assist by Tim Fisher. Incredible kicker.


Posted on the 2023-07-02 at 12:52
I remember Don McMillan......... more later..... nothing I post comes up...... cancel culture..... perhaps it is my spelling.............. see if this works

Albert Chubak

Posted on the 2023-07-01 at 19:26
Mr Yake’s Algebra class Cabbage Patch had a new meaning in Algebra class with Mr Yake. Had to always stay focused and alert at all times. If a question came you didn’t understand or know the answer, a move to the Cabbage Patch was sure to happen. While in this veggie state you were not allowed to speak, only listen until you redeemed yourself. You could raise your hand but not often were you permitted to speak. Some remained in this veggie state in the cabbage patch all year. Thanks for all your time land algebra lessons Mr Yake. RIP great teacher.

Albert Chubak

Posted on the 2023-07-01 at 19:23
Mr Gutwin’s History Class In grade 11 Mr Gutwin was my history teacher. He was at the end of the second floor hall. Back in those days I had no interest in history., especially in fourth period. One day it turns out I fell asleep sometime during class during a film. Clearly wasn’t into it. Totally out for the count. Maybe if popcorn would have helped. Funny, as Mr Gutwin let me sleep. My class was dismissed and the next class came in. Sometime during 5th period I woke up. Looked around and didn’t recognize any of my classmates. As I stood up to leave, the class and Mr Gutwin were breaking a gut. Mr Gutwin passed away shortly after so RIP great teacher. Miss his incredible handle bar moustache and kind smile.

Kathie Evans (nee Chubak)

Posted on the 2023-06-28 at 10:07
I enjoy watching football and the 1970 Bedford Redmen team was awesome. To capture it all, I will quote from the Lantern '71: The offensive team was one of the most powerful and explosive in the league. Led by Bob Attridge's passing, the receiving of Mark Koback, and Lex Wright, and the rushing of the "Park" brothers, it became almost unstoppable. Attridge despite a slow start, passed for over 900 yards, with a 44% completion average. Mark Koback led the receivers with 11 receptions for 219 yards. Jeff was next with 8 for over 300. Jeff set a new City scoring record with 21 touchdowns for 126 points, breaking the old mark of 114, set by Bedford's Murray Klein and Bowman's Larry Remmen. Jeff also set a new school rushing mark of 1046 yards, breaking George Calder's old record of 1019. Lance also had an excellent year with 555 yards and 7 touchdowns." The Mike Marashak Academic Trophy went to Jeff Park as well as the Most Valuable Player. What a show these fellas gave us that year. Hats off to them and the great memory.

jimmy mckay

Posted on the 2023-06-27 at 17:26
1968 - 1972 - Home class was Mrs. Morgan - and French. Sat behind Joey Arnold for next four years. We lost Joe about a year ago. I have ZERO memory of any social - gender issues - but I am sure Joe and I would have fit that role as we never dated the opposite sex - or wanted to - or tried and always had our lockers side by side. I won tickets on Radio to PINK FLOYD ... and was going to take Joe - very good guitar guy in his own world - when SALLY walked up and asked - who are you taking. I was embarrassed to say Joe and said - NOT sure. Sally and I went to TCU place and my Mom was sooooo happy her baby had a date. I will have a couple beers for you Joey ... I remember exactly where our lockers were.

Albert Chubak

Posted on the 2023-06-14 at 09:32
Some memories have similarities to fishing stories where it is based more on fiction than fact. In this case, it is all fact. In about 1984 or 1985 there was a wrestling meet in Regina. Weigh-ins were to be first thing on Saturday morning in Saskatoon before the 2 hour van ride to the provincial capital. The weight I was asked to compete in was just 5lbs beneath what I was. Friday night after work I thought about what I’d do to get my weight down. Just didn’t feel to push myself and run or hit a sauna. I’d heard, where I couldn’t recall, of using Exlax, a diuretic to flush my system out. No Internet advice existed in those days. After eating one little chocolate flavoured piece with no results, another was eaten followed by another and another until the entire box was consumed. No results other than a few small squirts. What gives I thought? In the morning I headed to weigh ins and I passed. How I didn’t know. We all then loaded into the van for this yet horrendous journey to Regina. I turned into a literal ticking time bomb. Before the drive we stopped to fill with gas at 7-11 and loaded up with munchies. About an hour into the drive my stomach was beginning to churn. By the time we arrived I ran in to sit on a toilet seat for an hour while my insides traded places with with the restroom air. Well…I thought it was all over but not so. While wrestling a guy he put a gut wrench on me only for my butt to release another squirt. A wrestling singlet is very thin material. At this point I didn’t know if it was visible to others so I had to keep my butt close to the matt. In the end I was taken to the medical room where I tried to recover from the literal huge drop in self esteem.

Albert Chubak

Posted on the 2023-06-11 at 13:24
In 1984 the Sr Football team was amazing, however we failed to make the playoffs. During the season there was one game I can’t specifically remember who we played, but the play I’ll never forget. Normally big Stan Wiebe #65 played nose and hiked the ball. This game Kelly Bowers had a play where Stan played Tight End. This means he could get the ball from the quarterback. Stan was a big guy, over 6’ and weighed 300lbs or more. Well…he was given the ball and there he went. All I can now see in my mind is this huge mountain of defence hanging all over him as he sauntered down the field for a touchdown! The entire defence couldn’t drop this amazing big man. RIP my friend.

Albert Chubak

Posted on the 2023-06-06 at 22:27
Big Carl Hoalth was on our wrestling team. He joined later in grade 10 or 11. It was during the great Gil Wist years. He was soundly a heavyweight but really just a naturally strong big farm boy. In wrestling, initially he didn’t know many moves. He just was so incredibly strong he overpowered his competitors. One day he was wrestling a huge heavy guy from Feehan. The guy was very large just to be clear. The match began and almost instantly we saw he had this huge guy in the air high above the mat with his arms fully extended. He didn’t know what to do with him. He looked at coach and I and we just laughed. The guy was yelling in fear as Carl pummelled him straight to the mat and won! Was amazing to watch.

Albert Chubak

Posted on the 2023-06-06 at 22:07
A teacher’s influence on a student remains for a lifetime. Mrs Cooke was my grade 12 English teacher. She was my first period class. Even though I hated English I would go early to talk. Can’t recall ever reading a book cover to cover at this point. My reading skills were awful. One day prior to class she gifted me a non-school reading book, “Reilly’s Luck” by Louis Lamour. Her condition was once the book was read it was to be returned. The book was quickly put into my backpack and forgotten. Later that night after work the novel was rediscovered and the result the book was returned the next day to this insightful teacher. To my surprise, another book again by the same author was ready to be handed back. The next day it was returned to only find yet another ready to encourage the thrill of reading. Not long after the desire to have more and quicker intervals caused me to purchase my own copies to quench this new thirst. Since that high school day, I have loved reading. Even later published some myself. Great insightful teacher.

Jimmy McKay

Posted on the 2023-05-11 at 08:14
Wrestling team workout - If Dean did not think you were working hard enough - regardless which weight class you were in - he would put you on the mat with - Butch - all 250 pounds of Larry Weigle. Larry would then flip you around so you face was in his armpit. Adrenaline Plus